Mother’s Day Reflections


Today on Mother’s Day, I took a few minutes this beautiful Spring morning and reflected on all of my blessings the past 34 years. My oldest son will be 34 in June. I had always wanted my own children from the time I was a little girl. I got married very young the first time and his arrival seemed a long wait. For a number of reasons, I had fertility issues and it took 2 years of trying before we were blessed with him. When I found out he was on the way, I knew this was a Child God wanted in this world. He was going to do something special or bring someone in the world who was going to do something special. His younger brother came into our lives two years later and my life was full.

From way back, I knew what I wanted for my children and had a good idea how to get there. Although they did not always follow the path I thought they should, they made their own path and are very successful young men with their own children. Although some of this was from luck, some was from values and standards I instilled in them from a young age:

    1. You need to behave and act appropriately
    2. You need to have fun
    3. You need to laugh
    4. You need to live below your means
    5. Nothing is given to you, you must earn it on your own
    6. Be respectful
    7. Be your own person

As I said above my boys are now grown and both now have children. My grandchildren are truly a blessing to me and make me so happy. My grandchildren remind me of my own children and bring back all of those memories. They also are creating new memories. It is such a pleasure to see them grow and be awed by what little people they are in this world.

Today I am also reminded of all of the blessings in my past with my own mother and my Grandmothers. I am blessed in the fact my Mom is still here for me to call. Sadly, she is very ill right now and those conversations are now very hard. However, today on Mother’s Day I think about the years past and my relationship with her throughout those years. I am the oldest of seven children and there is only eight years between all of us. This made for a very full, loud house when I was growing up. It also caused me to be very responsible from a young age, as I helped with the littler kids. This sometimes caused a rift, because I couldn’t always just be a kid. I lived through it and am a better person because of it. This taught me to be a leader, think creatively and be very flexible. I am a better person because of these skills.

I am also reminded of my two grandmothers. My Mom also came from a very large family and they were very poor when she was growing up. My grandmother did not have a full bath until I was in my 20’s (she used a washtub to take a bath). When we were kids my sister and I used to spend time with her and we loved that old washtub. When I think about it now, what a chore that must have been for her to let us take a bath when we stayed. She had to heat the water on the stove and spend a half hour filling that tub (then it had to be emptied). My Grandmother was in her 50’s at the time. This Grandma taught me flexibility and calmness and how to work through adversity. It would be hard to live to the standard of woman she was, but I try.

My other Grandmother was feisty as all get out. Her parents were the children of German immigrants. Her mother was a suffragette working to get the vote for all women (awesome right). This Grandmother taught me to speak for myself and that girls can do whatever they want. She taught me it is OK to disagree with others, but be intelligent when you are doing it. She taught me the love of books and art. She also taught me how to clean a house like no one’s business.

My boys are very lucky, both of my Grandmothers lived until they were teenagers so they got to meet both of these special women.

I miss both of my grandmothers awful sometimes, but I like to think they are looking down on me and still guiding me along the way.

Today I want to say thanks to my Grandmothers and Mother, for making me the mother and grandmother I am.


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I am a mid-western woman reaching the prime of her life. Over the last few years, I have been rediscovering myself and discovering what is important. I recently married the man of my dreams and we are living a happy life. I have learned you can be fabulous without breaking the bank -- welcome to my wonderful world.

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