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Getting Healthy

Every year we all promise to get healthier, exercise more, be more successful — all those things New Year’s resolutions are made of. As we enter the New Year, I have made a commitment to get more healthy and I am going to use this website as the platform to help me be accountable to myself.

In late November, we started back our exercise routine. Because of this, rather than gaining five pounds over the holidays, I actually lost five pounds. We were doing great — hitting the gym to walk at least three times a week. I was feeling great. THEN — the flu hit us. Not a happy time. We spent Christmas Eve morning at the doctor and then traveling all over town to find the allusive Tamiflu prescription. We were then down for the count and Christmas was officially cancelled. Well now 9 days later, I am almost back to normal and it is time to get back on track.

The first thing I am doing is setting a workout goal. This helps me keep on track. Because I have a job with a big commute, it is hard to do during the week. I am committing to working out on Saturday, Sunday and one day during the week. I am also going to try to sneak one day in a week at work.

Next — I am giving up all diet soda. I had done this in November and had not had a diet soda in almost three weeks when the dreaded flu hit. I fell off the wagon a bit, but am getting back on board. As I think it hard to make lots of changes at one time, I am planning on making a small change to our diets on a weekly basis.

After we get used to regular exercise, lots of water and no diet soda, my next change will be no cream in my coffee. Let’s face it, I’m over 50 years old — surely I can get by without cream in my coffee. We already eat pretty non-processed, but we are going to get serious. Each week, I am going to commit to set out what my weekly goals are for my healthy life. I am also going to commit to trying one new “healthy” recipe a week. If they are successful, I will share along the way. I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

Losing Weight My Way

I have made the decision I want to lose some weight and get healthier. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or solution to lose weight fast (in a healthy way).  From my own experience, I am most successful when I follow a few key things.  I am in no way a health professional and my suggestions are from my own personal experience.  Three years ago, I lost 25 pounds.  I stopped following my own advice and gained some of it back.  It is time to get back into the swing of things. 

Make small goals.  If you say you want to lose 50 pounds, break it up into smaller increments.  Because to be successful, you really should only expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week, losing 50 pounds will take a while. If you break those pounds down to 5 pound increments in reasonable time periods, you will have success.  Success feels good and gives you motivation.  

Keep a Food Diary.  Although it is not fun and it can be an excuse for not meeting your goals, keeping a food diary may be the most important key to losing weight.  If you are a techie like me, there are a couple of really cool apps you can use to help with tracking.  I like the apps at and  Both have free apps with a premium app also available.  Both apps make it easier to track what you are eating (with easy to use calorie look-ups), water intake, exercise and weight loss. However, just writing down what you are eating on a piece of paper will work too.   

Know how Many Calories You should be Eating.  Both of the Apps mention above have the ability for you enter your information (height, weight, age) and calculate for you what your calorie intake should be to lose weight.  I have found if you count your calories, reducing your fat intake, reducing carbs, not eating too much meat takes care of itself. Eat more fruits and vegetables.  Not only are fruits and vegetables healthy for you, they are typically low in calories and will help you not feel hungry.   

Eat What You Want.  Yes, I said eat what you want.  However, to do this you need to be aware of what you are eating.  Refer to “Food Diary” above.  To lose weight consistently, you will need to keep you calorie intake to at or just below what is your daily recommended allowance.  You don’t want to “starve” yourself by not eating enough calories, as your body then wants to keep all your fat for a rainy day.   

Exercise.  This does not have to be some expensive workout program or joining a gym.  If you just get out and walk every day, you will be healthier.   

Drink Water.  Nothing hydrates your body better than just plain water.

Spring is finally here in the Midwest.  No more excuses – it is time to get started.  

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