Garden Firsts

My dear husband and I both love the garden.  I love the planting and harvesting, he loves the work in between.  This makes for a perfect team.  This year, we started some of our plants indoors.  This was a first for both of us.  The biggest issue we had was it was too cold to put our little green house outside until April.  Because of the cold, we had to leave the plants in the house much longer than would have been desired and they didn’t get the kick-start they would have from a heated greenhouse.  The tomato plants were the hardest for us to start.  In the end, we only had 3 or 4 make it to the ground.  We had much better luck with peppers and squash.

We also tried our hand at starting flowers.  Because these were started a bit later, they were doing beautiful…UNTIL a very windy day at the end of April.  My dear husband had our little starter greenhouse opened so the plants wouldn’t get too hot and get some air.  Of course, this was a recipe for disaster when a big wind came and knocked the greenhouse over, dumping over half the plants.  We were able to save some of the plants and for the most part they are now in planters or in the ground. 

With the warmer weather we have had the last couple of weeks, we visited our local nursery and purchased plants for the herb garden and our big veggie garden.  The early garden is now starting to produce and we had our first veggies over the weekend.  Nothing tastes better in your salad than your own onions and radishes.  We will have fresh lettuce in about a week.

All in all, our adventure in starting from seed was not all bad.  We will try again next year, but will definitely make some tweaks to our process. 



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I am a mid-western woman reaching the prime of her life. Over the last few years, I have been rediscovering myself and discovering what is important. I recently married the man of my dreams and we are living a happy life. I have learned you can be fabulous without breaking the bank -- welcome to my wonderful world.

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