A Frugal Princess’s Dream Day

We are on vacation in Florida (more on this later) and we hit the jackpot. On our way from Daytona to Tampa, we decided to stop in Plant City. Ohhhh myyyyyy. It is strawberry festival time. Fresh veggie vendors everywhere. We dined on a delicious lunch of fresh fruit with plenty left over for less than 6. Local grown, freshly picked strawberries were about $1 a quart. So sweet and delicious. If you have never been, I would highly recommend. It was a little bit of paradise at the end of winter.

It’s Almost Garden Time!!!

With the particularly harsh winter we have had, it is great to know Spring is just a few weeks away.  Last year was the first year I was really involved in gardening and I found I loved it.  I have started planning our garden for this year, taking us from early Spring to late Fall.  Last year, we purchased our plants from local greenhouses. This year, we are getting ambitious and are going to try to start the majority of our plants ourselves.  Larry has always had a garden, but herbs and flowers were new to him.  Being a sport, he made my first herb garden.  We wanted to keep it as inexpensive as possible, because we were not sure if we would like the results.  For our first try, it did not turn out too bad.  We built the sides from untreated fence board (total cost approx. $5).  We filled it with potting soil ($2).  We then purchased the plants ($8).  I planted two basil plants, two cilantro plants, one Rosemary plant, two lavender plants, and one oregano plant.  So for about $15 we had an herb garden we used all summer.  This year, the cost should be under $5 to get started for the summer.


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